Creative Small Kitchen Ideas You Will Love

If your home or apartment’s small kitchen seems to serve solely as a place where you microwave a frozen dinner, has little counter space, and only a lone cabinet for storage, do not feel it is hopeless to have a usable food prep and cooking area with a few simple tweaks that you can do yourself with a minimum amount of investment, either financial or time-wise.

Before beginning any renovations, make a list of what you want and need of your kitchen. Whether it be more storage space, counter space, small appliances that fulfill more than one function, or a screen panel for separation from the rest of the living area, your personal small kitchen ideas can be simple, as well as researching the plethora of ideas online.

For instance, if you can’t expand horizontally across the floor area, having only a small kitchen corner as your cooking area, go vertical. An optically-enhanced wall, either tiled or a vertically patterned adhesive wall covering can make your small kitchen look larger.


If you’re wanting more counter space in which to prepare food, if space allows, add a kitchen island, which can double as a table simply by placing stools around the island that tuck underneath.

Should you need more storage space for dishes and pans, attach colorful shelf units along the wall wherever convenient and use baskets to hold things. The goal here is openness and airiness, as well as a streamlined appearance without any unnecessary clutter. Hooks for hanging pans, utensils and whatnots can be positioned into a workshop dot-board. Store on shelves all the way to the ceiling. Use a step ladder you can tuck away to reach everything!


Any colors you add should be light and bright; patterns should run vertically. Heavy tables or chairs are best not located in the area. Mesh, rattan, and furniture with cross boards lend an expansive feel because of the spaces in between opaque material.

Pinterest also has several different images with ideas that you can develop your own small kitchen ideas, custom-made for you and your taste, style, and budget. There is nothing wrong with doing something unheard of, never before tried or seen, or something you’re not sure would work. The important thing is, kitchens can be personalized. They are actually a most special place in your home, as one of the first stops along your morning routine.


Coffee, tea, breakfast. You deserve a pleasant, warm space to start your day in, even in your small kitchen, and to be free to cook for yourself and your family and friends without feeling you just don’t have space in your small kitchen to prepare the food in. Your stove top can be covered by a metal surface and appliances can be stored atop; coffee maker, blender, toaster. Ovens can also house pots and pans you want out of sight. Hooks from cabinet sides, walls, and ceilings, with hanging baskets for an array of useful tools. Have fun!

If you can’t get enough, it’s time to see more great designs.

Delicious Detox Water Recipe Ideas to Cleanse your Body

You probably heard of detoxing before but do you really know what it does? Detoxing is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification, according to Detoxing is common but the most popular form is detox water. Detox water has taken the world by storm by its easiness and availability to all. Detox water is beneficial in that it encourages more water intake with the benefits detoxes bring. Naturally, I have come up with some detox water recipe ideas so you can start detoxing today and get healthy.


This lemon-lime apple cider vinegar peppermint water is one of the greatest detox water recipe ideas. This mixture has the many benefits these citrus fruits and apple cider vinegar bring. Apple cider vinegars has many benefits including its natural antioxidant properties, promoting healthy blood sugar and cholesterol and it improves your ability to absorb nutrients. Counterbalancing the bitterness of the vinegar with these fruits gives your water a fresh taste. The addition of the mint also helps to make this a refreshing drink as well. For this water add 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every 2 cups of water. Then add your citrus fruits at the end. Put as much or as little peppermint as you want. Find more awesome detox water ideas at 54 health.


Lemon Cayenne Pepper Detox- If you heard anything about detoxes then you definitely heard this one in a detox water recipe ideas list. Popularized by celebrities and personal trainers if you want to drop weight fast, this one has the highest ratings. For this water you need water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. It is important that with this detox you don’t eat anything else. This method pushes body into detox mode and this water helps pushes out all toxins. Mix small amounts of maple syrup into your water, dashing in the cayenne pepper. Add lemons afterwards and you have the perfect fat fighting detox.


Chia seeds is one of the best nutrients for you. Made of whole grains, these seeds are packed with fiber, protein, magnesium, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. These seeds are small but come with a lot of health benefits. No wonder why this makes my list detox water recipe ideas. It involves chia seeds and water, that’s it. Unlike most detoxes that are riddled with fruit or vegetables this one only involves chia seeds. The natural benefits of chia seeds combined with water, creates a thicker consistency water that is great for suppressing your appetite and quenching your thirst.


Watermelon detox water is the last on our detox water recipe ideas list. This water couldn’t be easier with only having watermelon and water. Not only is watermelon delicious and have natural detoxing abilities but the subtle taste in this water makes it one of the tastier detoxes available. Watermelon has vitamin c, a, b1, potassium, magnesium and low calories. Watermelon keeps you hydrated with its high water content and can lower inflammation. To make this water, add 1 cup of diced watermelon to 2 cups of water. You can even add some mint for an added invigorating taste.

Beautiful Christmas Table Decorations you will Love

Family and friends all assembled around your beautiful Christmas table decorations, dining and partaking in all the delights of the season, is the thing that we as a whole imagine when the holiday season starts. It is the place the majority of our fondest memories of laughter and conversation occur, and where we assemble to share nourishment that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is additionally how we bear on many traditions to younger family members.

In spite of the fact that the sustenance might be the reason for your dining background, you ought not skimp on making the ideal ambiance for your guests.

There are some truly fun and innovative approaches to make your Christmas table decorations spring up and make your guest eyes pop. What’s more, albeit a few centerpieces might be somewhat more difficult to make, some are anything but difficult to achieve since they can be made out of pretty much anything in your Christmas décor; flowers, fruits, candies and even candles to give some examples you can truly be imaginative and include your very own touch.

christmas table decorations

Laying a Christmas wreath at the center of the table can be the beginning of a perfect table decoration. This can be then ornamented with other objects that one would like to use a theme of the decoration. If there is no time to think about the theme; the bows, ribbons, flowers always come to your rescue. You can place several tapers and large candle inside the wreath. Such a decoration makes a table lively and having dinner in such a table can be really vivacious.Like


Instead of using traditional centerpiece one can use Hurricane Lanterns in a row. If you don’t use hurricane lanterns row, use one hurricane and stemware filled with glass marbles, berries, nuts and beads or any such kind of festive objects that will do the need of Christmas table decorations. You can use long strands of ribbons tied with small bells to flow around the decoration to make it more mesmerizing.


Other things you can use to decorate your table is a big candle surrounded by a small Christmas wreath that you will use like a dish charger. There are wreaths made up of red berries and these will surely do the trick. You can also make use of a flower arrangement with of course a poinsettia. Of course, to complete the look, you can make use of place mats, table runners, or even a table cloth with Christmas designs.


A centerpiece can be made as a point of convergence on your table. You can utilize this on the center of your table all through the whole holiday season. Make sense of what you might want to use in your decoration by pulling a thought from whatever remains of your home décor. Pine cones, strands of beads, specific colored ornaments, pine tree branches, candy canes, poinsettias, fruit, or characters can all be a point of convergence for your Christmas table decorations.

Check out why is it a good idea to decorate your table for the holidays and can help you decorate the table for Christmas according to your wish!

First decide the theme of the decoration and the colors that you would consider decorating the Christmas tables. People usually use the old Christmas colors like red, white, green, silver, and gold. You can think of adding one or two colors extra to these lots or use a mix of the any two of these colors to get another new color.

Take Your Costume to Another Level with Halloween Nails

halloween nail designs 2016

Take your costume up a notch and add Halloween nails to it! The clock has started and the countdown to Halloween has begun. Besides decorating and handing out candy, your costume will probably likely be a key component in your festivities; creating a nail design that can go with, or stand alone is a great way to create the ambiance. There are multitudes of designs that you can choose from, so the task may seem a little daunting at first. The best thing to do is get a jump on it and start looking around for the design that is perfect for your look.

If you want to check out even more Halloween nail art ideas, cutediyprojects awaits you with tons of great designs.

Masterful Halloween Nail Art


As an extension of your costume, Halloween nails will require a moment of your time in order to create the perfect look. This design may take a little longer to achieve than you originally wanted but you will love the results! Anytime one things of the theme Halloween, several images often spring to mind and the design on these nails reflect the images most people think of. A spooky cat, creepy looking crescent moon and the ghost all come together to complete a scene that screams Halloween! Mixed with the perfect colors to really set the scene, this idea is one that will be a very impressive addition to your costume.

Classic Halloween-themed Nail


For those that like to mix it up between traditional and modern, this Pumpkin Halloween nail design is a great choice. Requiring 4 different colors, your nails will come to life once finished! This idea could be combined with a costume, or it could be something that your outfit is designed around. Nail art like this design is a fun way to really partake in all of the usual Halloween festivities. This design is fairly simple and could be done both at home and in a salon. Anyone sporting the pumpkin nail art is sure to be the talk of the party.

Fun Halloween Nail Idea


For those that like the idea of a few different images at once, these simple Halloween nails is a brilliant choice! Sometimes it is next to impossible to choose one design, because there are3 probably as many design ideas as there are stars in the night sky; that makes combining images makes sense.

Some images are immediate “go-to”s, when it comes to Halloween. Many items come to mind when envisioning the Halloween holiday, like: skulls, pumpkins, spiders, haunted houses, spooky cornfields, full moons, bats, ghosts, hockey masks, spider webs, scary looking teeth or a number of other things deemed spooky/fun. This nail design gives you a larger “pallet” to use.

Halloween Nails with Bats


When it comes to creating the Halloween nails that are perfect for you, there will undoubtedly be many designs that spring to mind. Whether you prefer a design that is more traditional or you like the idea of creating something more modern, one component that will fit both bills is the bat. Bats are synonymous with Halloween. This design looks a little more “classy” than something that is a more quirky or fun idea.

Made of two colors, it is a look that could be achieved as a DIY job or one that you could have a professional tackle for you. The bats appear somewhat ominously but it is not a terribly frightening sight to behold.

5 Acrylic Nail Designs That Will Transform Your Entire Look!

designs of nails in 2015

Acrylic nails have been around for a long time and have evolved to become one of the most popular nail treatments. In fact, they are the most popular artificial nail enhancements available today and understandably so. They are popular among women for several reasons including cover up weak and brittle nails, squash the temptation to chew nails (believe it or not, some women still chew their nails even at an adult age), cheaper than other alternatives, last longer than other alternatives and they are not susceptible to breakage. The overall feeling hot and sexy that women in these nails get is the biggest motivation of all.

In this write-up, we look at the most stylish acrylic nail designs that women should copy.

French Acrylic Nail Design


Along with French manicure, French acrylic nails are a trendy art in 2015. And the good news is that they great for both working and casual situations. They especially go well with black or white dresses. There is no limitation to what you can do when it comes to French acrylic nail art. You can decide to go with white with a touch of gold glitter, pink with a floral design or even nude paint with a simple red line along the edge. The choice is yours.

Pointed Acrylic Design


Also known as stiletto, talon or claw nail designs, these are one of the trendiest nail art designs in 2015. They are especially popular among those who like a modern look as they are essential for formal occasions. Pointed acrylic nails are lifesavers since managing real pointed nails is sometimes, actually always, a pain. Acrylic nails provide an easy way out as they offer the same results and easier management strategies. Plain nail polish, floral art, tribal design, or chic art are some of the ways that one can glam them up. Of course, the design has to match that of your gown.

Glitter Acrylic Nail Art


Gone are the days when glitter was only for young flower girls at weddings or fancy birthday parties. It’s also used to nail art designs and guess what; it’s not only trendy, but also stylish. Like pointed acrylic nails, these are also ideal for formal events. The good news is that one can do pure glitter nails, or they can use glitter on other designs to make them pop. The extent to which glitter can be used on is not limited as long as it’s not over the top.

Matte Acrylic Nail Art


Matte nail art is growing increasingly popular among women and that’s partly due to the fact that they are easy to DIY. The availability of matte nail polish is a contributing factor. Popular matte acrylic designs include painting half nails with glossy nail polish and the rest with matte nail polish and painting different colors of nail polish among others.

Tribal Acrylic Nail Art


If you though that tribal designs on anything are only for those still stuck in traditions and history of their communities, think again. Tribal designs on acrylic nails are a trending style today. What’s even better about them is that they are ideal for all sorts of occasions; work day, weddings, a night out with friends. There is no limit to the kind of designs you can incorporate. After all there are thousands of communities. That’s more than enough inspiration!

Proven Ways of Getting Rid of Hickeys

Love seems incomplete without love bites, but not everyone will be pleased to see you when you roam with hickeys. Irrespective of whatever the age group one belongs to, the face symbolizes one’s identity, beauty, personality and inspiration. The sensitivity of the skin leaves the tell-tale sign of passionate lip-locks of the preceding romantic moments.

A hickey typically develops as a mild inflammation, bruise and skin redness which typically takes about a few days to fade out. It is a bruise that is caused by biting, aggressive kissing or sucking on the soft skin. When someone sucks very hard on soft skin, they cause the capillaries just beneath the surface to rupture letting the blood seep into the surrounding tissues. It heals naturally without causing any skins. In order to avoid embarrassing moments, you need to treat your hickey as soon as possible. However, the main concern is how to get rid of a hickey fast.

Getting Rid of Hickeys

Below are tried and tested methods of getting rid of hickeys as fast as possible.

(a) Cold Compression

To heal a hickey, the built-up blood clots need to be broken apart so that the blood spreads out. This can be done by the application of a cold compression on the affected skin.

– You put some ice cubes in a paper towel and lightly press it against the skin for about 15 minutes. The icepack will help in preventing the swelling around the hickey and reduce the pain.

– You can equally put a spoon in a refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Wrap the spoon in a soft cloth and lightly rub it over the affected skin area until the skin is no longer cold.

(b) Using Peppermint

The stimulant effect of peppermint can help in improving blood circulation making it a useful method in the treatment of hickeys and healing of the capillary vessels.

– Apply peppermint oil gently on the area of the affected skin. Initially, you will feel a tingling sensation but it will quickly go away. However, do not overuse this method because it can cause the skin to be irritated.

– Apply some peppermint based toothpaste on the affected area for few minutes. Once the tingling sensation has stopped, wipe it off with a warm washcloth. This method works best when done as soon as possible after getting the hickey.

(c) Hot method

This method is used to get rid of hickeys that has been stuck around for at least 48 hours. Heating up the affected area of the hickey will increase the blood flow to the region quickening the re-absorption of blood and helping in removing the hickey.

– Place a hot water bottle or a warm compression on the area of the hickey for 10-20 minutes. If you do not have the warm compression or a hot water bottle, heat water and soak a towel in the water. Use the towel instead.

(d) Lipstick or pen caps

This method is used to break the blood clots and help in increasing the blood circulation in the affected area.

– Place a pen cap directly on top of the hickey then press it hard down your skin. While pressing down, twist the cap in half and full turns. Release and hold in this position for 10-20 seconds.

(e) Massaging

Massaging a hickey works on the same principle as the toothbrush, lipstick cap or the coin method. Massaging can help in breaking the blood clot and increasing the circulation throughout the area.

– You apply a warm towel and rub in a circular motion from the inside of the hickey outwards. This breaks up the blood clots pushing the blood away from the center of the hickey.

How can green tea strengthen your hair?

Cup of Green Tea

Originating from China, Green tea is got from a plan called Camellia sinensis. The tea is known for its ability to enhance circulation of blood and immunity. It also reduces the cholesterol in blood and when it comes to diseases

Some of the causes of hair problems

  • A health condition or even the medication one is on
  • Being pregnant or the instability of hormones
  • The hair follicles may not be getting enough blood
  • Too much DiHydro Testosterone which usually combines with the hair follicle making the follicle smaller in size
  • Hair loss among other hair conditions could also be in your genes
  • Poor hygiene of the scalp as well as the use of toxic products to clean and treat your hair

How green tea prevents and solves hair loss problems

It will block the production of DiHydro Testosterone (DHT) by naturally countering the enzymes producing it and with no side effects. Its anti oxidant strength allows it to reduce the level of DHT in the body thus sparing the hair follicles from shrinking. DHT which is also the causative factor of baldness in men will be also inhibited by the increased levels of SHBG that is attributed to intake of green tea.

The tea in addition works wonders when it comes to making hair tougher. This strengthening ability is because of the panthenol element in it. It also makes it soft and keeps the ends from splitting.

Cetachin is an element in the green tea that promotes blood circulation which is attributed to be a factor in the loss of hair. This anti oxidant is also quite beneficial in keeping the skin healthy especially if it had been damaged by free radicals. The skins health is also promoted by the tannins contained in it. The tea tightens the skin and makes a soothing facial scrub too. This facial cleansing factor also makes it suitable for those who are seeking green tea acne solutions.

According to research, the Cetachin component has also been shown to be a key factor when it comes to promoting the growth of hair.

Vitamin E and C are some of the key elements used in hair products to strengthen hair and are naturally available in the tea. Vitamin E repairs your hair while vitamin C keeps it safe from damage resulting from Ultra violet radiation.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the element in the green tea that is found to be responsible for the prevention of loss of hair.

Pot with a warm green tea

Pot with a warm green tea

How to make the most of green tea

Promote blood circulation by drinking the tea on a daily basis, preferably two or more cups in a day. The tea can also be used as an ingredient in the product used for soothing the scalp. You need to ensure that the massage is not done too rough and that it covers the whole of the head.

Keep the scalp free from hair loss related to dirt and germs residing in it by using the tea leaves to wash it or by using shampoos with the ingredient. You can also or alternatively use to tea to rinse it. It works well when it comes to reduce soreness in the scalp too especially inflammation that comes as a result of psoriasis infection. This makes it an excellent soother for the scalp and a simple way to get rid of your dandruff too.

Go for a shampoo that is naturally made and the active ingredient being green tea as some will have the element but are toxic.


For your hair to remain healthy and strong, you need to give it the right nutrients. Other measures include keeping yourself physically fit and stress free. Green tea works because of its richness in anti oxidants among other active elements. It therefore, improves the health of your hair and is suitable for those whose hair is too fragile and those who have or are losing their hair.

If you already followed the mentioned steps and achieved a healthy hair now it’s time to take care of your hairstyle. This post From Classy to Cute: 25+ Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair – cutediyprojects has collected the best hairstyles for your healthy hair.

Also, if your hair is growing but you feel the rate is too slow, using green tea will be a simple and safe way to have it grow faster. With green tea, you will not just have your hair grow but you will have it growing fuller too. The article looks at the causing agents of most of the hair problems especially loss of hair. It in addition, has information about the compounds in green tea that will promote the health of your hair as well as how the tea can be used.

Finally, whether using a green tea acne solution or using the tea for hair treatment, consistency is key to best results. For more info about a healthy life visit this website.

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The exquisite art of Neck Tattoos

Awesome code bar lady neck tattoo

There are a growing number of men and women indulging in this kind of body art, and they look sensational although neck tattoos were originally earmarked for guys. MY opinion is the grade of type of design, the art and the place would determine whether it looks alluring or not.

Generally speaking, back of neck tattoos are popular because it is an area which can readily be hidden when wanted. As a result of how certain workers do not allow tats to be noticeable the neck tattoo can be covered by concealing it or wearing collard shirts, turtle neck tops. Back of neck tattoos are usually a starting point for this kind of a cool back tattoo design.

Great vintage neck tattoo

Guys often have tattoos done on front or the side of the neck, where as women tend to place them on the nape or back of the neck. Based on the individual, women have a tendency to have lovely fine designs tattooed to nape of the neck or the back. Tattoo design favored for the neck region of a woman’s pick are small fine images.

Select the best layout that’s acceptable to character or your subject. For apparent reasons, it is not advisable to have the names of loved ones forever etched to any portion of your own body. Locating alluring neck tats is stressful and exciting with the substantial database of designs on line that you can browse through at your convenience. Make the correct choice, get inked and locate the database with the greatest layouts at appropriate for you!

Image Credits: Google