Creative Small Kitchen Ideas You Will Love

If your home or apartment’s small kitchen seems to serve solely as a place where you microwave a frozen dinner, has little counter space, and only a lone cabinet for storage, do not feel it is hopeless to have a usable food prep and cooking area with a few simple tweaks that you can do yourself with a minimum amount of investment, either financial or time-wise.

Before beginning any renovations, make a list of what you want and need of your kitchen. Whether it be more storage space, counter space, small appliances that fulfill more than one function, or a screen panel for separation from the rest of the living area, your personal small kitchen ideas can be simple, as well as researching the plethora of ideas online.

For instance, if you can’t expand horizontally across the floor area, having only a small kitchen corner as your cooking area, go vertical. An optically-enhanced wall, either tiled or a vertically patterned adhesive wall covering can make your small kitchen look larger.


If you’re wanting more counter space in which to prepare food, if space allows, add a kitchen island, which can double as a table simply by placing stools around the island that tuck underneath.

Should you need more storage space for dishes and pans, attach colorful shelf units along the wall wherever convenient and use baskets to hold things. The goal here is openness and airiness, as well as a streamlined appearance without any unnecessary clutter. Hooks for hanging pans, utensils and whatnots can be positioned into a workshop dot-board. Store on shelves all the way to the ceiling. Use a step ladder you can tuck away to reach everything!


Any colors you add should be light and bright; patterns should run vertically. Heavy tables or chairs are best not located in the area. Mesh, rattan, and furniture with cross boards lend an expansive feel because of the spaces in between opaque material.

Pinterest also has several different images with ideas that you can develop your own small kitchen ideas, custom-made for you and your taste, style, and budget. There is nothing wrong with doing something unheard of, never before tried or seen, or something you’re not sure would work. The important thing is, kitchens can be personalized. They are actually a most special place in your home, as one of the first stops along your morning routine.


Coffee, tea, breakfast. You deserve a pleasant, warm space to start your day in, even in your small kitchen, and to be free to cook for yourself and your family and friends without feeling you just don’t have space in your small kitchen to prepare the food in. Your stove top can be covered by a metal surface and appliances can be stored atop; coffee maker, blender, toaster. Ovens can also house pots and pans you want out of sight. Hooks from cabinet sides, walls, and ceilings, with hanging baskets for an array of useful tools. Have fun!

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