Proven Ways of Getting Rid of Hickeys

Love seems incomplete without love bites, but not everyone will be pleased to see you when you roam with hickeys. Irrespective of whatever the age group one belongs to, the face symbolizes one’s identity, beauty, personality and inspiration. The sensitivity of the skin leaves the tell-tale sign of passionate lip-locks of the preceding romantic moments.

A hickey typically develops as a mild inflammation, bruise and skin redness which typically takes about a few days to fade out. It is a bruise that is caused by biting, aggressive kissing or sucking on the soft skin. When someone sucks very hard on soft skin, they cause the capillaries just beneath the surface to rupture letting the blood seep into the surrounding tissues. It heals naturally without causing any skins. In order to avoid embarrassing moments, you need to treat your hickey as soon as possible. However, the main concern is how to get rid of a hickey fast.

Getting Rid of Hickeys

Below are tried and tested methods of getting rid of hickeys as fast as possible.

(a) Cold Compression

To heal a hickey, the built-up blood clots need to be broken apart so that the blood spreads out. This can be done by the application of a cold compression on the affected skin.

– You put some ice cubes in a paper towel and lightly press it against the skin for about 15 minutes. The icepack will help in preventing the swelling around the hickey and reduce the pain.

– You can equally put a spoon in a refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Wrap the spoon in a soft cloth and lightly rub it over the affected skin area until the skin is no longer cold.

(b) Using Peppermint

The stimulant effect of peppermint can help in improving blood circulation making it a useful method in the treatment of hickeys and healing of the capillary vessels.

– Apply peppermint oil gently on the area of the affected skin. Initially, you will feel a tingling sensation but it will quickly go away. However, do not overuse this method because it can cause the skin to be irritated.

– Apply some peppermint based toothpaste on the affected area for few minutes. Once the tingling sensation has stopped, wipe it off with a warm washcloth. This method works best when done as soon as possible after getting the hickey.

(c) Hot method

This method is used to get rid of hickeys that has been stuck around for at least 48 hours. Heating up the affected area of the hickey will increase the blood flow to the region quickening the re-absorption of blood and helping in removing the hickey.

– Place a hot water bottle or a warm compression on the area of the hickey for 10-20 minutes. If you do not have the warm compression or a hot water bottle, heat water and soak a towel in the water. Use the towel instead.

(d) Lipstick or pen caps

This method is used to break the blood clots and help in increasing the blood circulation in the affected area.

– Place a pen cap directly on top of the hickey then press it hard down your skin. While pressing down, twist the cap in half and full turns. Release and hold in this position for 10-20 seconds.

(e) Massaging

Massaging a hickey works on the same principle as the toothbrush, lipstick cap or the coin method. Massaging can help in breaking the blood clot and increasing the circulation throughout the area.

– You apply a warm towel and rub in a circular motion from the inside of the hickey outwards. This breaks up the blood clots pushing the blood away from the center of the hickey.