How can green tea strengthen your hair?

Cup of Green Tea

Originating from China, Green tea is got from a plan called Camellia sinensis. The tea is known for its ability to enhance circulation of blood and immunity. It also reduces the cholesterol in blood and when it comes to diseases

Some of the causes of hair problems

  • A health condition or even the medication one is on
  • Being pregnant or the instability of hormones
  • The hair follicles may not be getting enough blood
  • Too much DiHydro Testosterone which usually combines with the hair follicle making the follicle smaller in size
  • Hair loss among other hair conditions could also be in your genes
  • Poor hygiene of the scalp as well as the use of toxic products to clean and treat your hair

How green tea prevents and solves hair loss problems

It will block the production of DiHydro Testosterone (DHT) by naturally countering the enzymes producing it and with no side effects. Its anti oxidant strength allows it to reduce the level of DHT in the body thus sparing the hair follicles from shrinking. DHT which is also the causative factor of baldness in men will be also inhibited by the increased levels of SHBG that is attributed to intake of green tea.

The tea in addition works wonders when it comes to making hair tougher. This strengthening ability is because of the panthenol element in it. It also makes it soft and keeps the ends from splitting.

Cetachin is an element in the green tea that promotes blood circulation which is attributed to be a factor in the loss of hair. This anti oxidant is also quite beneficial in keeping the skin healthy especially if it had been damaged by free radicals. The skins health is also promoted by the tannins contained in it. The tea tightens the skin and makes a soothing facial scrub too. This facial cleansing factor also makes it suitable for those who are seeking green tea acne solutions.

According to research, the Cetachin component has also been shown to be a key factor when it comes to promoting the growth of hair.

Vitamin E and C are some of the key elements used in hair products to strengthen hair and are naturally available in the tea. Vitamin E repairs your hair while vitamin C keeps it safe from damage resulting from Ultra violet radiation.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the element in the green tea that is found to be responsible for the prevention of loss of hair.

Pot with a warm green tea

Pot with a warm green tea

How to make the most of green tea

Promote blood circulation by drinking the tea on a daily basis, preferably two or more cups in a day. The tea can also be used as an ingredient in the product used for soothing the scalp. You need to ensure that the massage is not done too rough and that it covers the whole of the head.

Keep the scalp free from hair loss related to dirt and germs residing in it by using the tea leaves to wash it or by using shampoos with the ingredient. You can also or alternatively use to tea to rinse it. It works well when it comes to reduce soreness in the scalp too especially inflammation that comes as a result of psoriasis infection. This makes it an excellent soother for the scalp and a simple way to get rid of your dandruff too.

Go for a shampoo that is naturally made and the active ingredient being green tea as some will have the element but are toxic.


For your hair to remain healthy and strong, you need to give it the right nutrients. Other measures include keeping yourself physically fit and stress free. Green tea works because of its richness in anti oxidants among other active elements. It therefore, improves the health of your hair and is suitable for those whose hair is too fragile and those who have or are losing their hair.

If you already followed the mentioned steps and achieved a healthy hair now it’s time to take care of your hairstyle. This post From Classy to Cute: 25+ Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair – cutediyprojects has collected the best hairstyles for your healthy hair.

Also, if your hair is growing but you feel the rate is too slow, using green tea will be a simple and safe way to have it grow faster. With green tea, you will not just have your hair grow but you will have it growing fuller too. The article looks at the causing agents of most of the hair problems especially loss of hair. It in addition, has information about the compounds in green tea that will promote the health of your hair as well as how the tea can be used.

Finally, whether using a green tea acne solution or using the tea for hair treatment, consistency is key to best results. For more info about a healthy life visit this website.

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