Take Your Costume to Another Level with Halloween Nails

halloween nail designs 2016

Take your costume up a notch and add Halloween nails to it! The clock has started and the countdown to Halloween has begun. Besides decorating and handing out candy, your costume will probably likely be a key component in your festivities; creating a nail design that can go with, or stand alone is a great way to create the ambiance. There are multitudes of designs that you can choose from, so the task may seem a little daunting at first. The best thing to do is get a jump on it and start looking around for the design that is perfect for your look.

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Masterful Halloween Nail Art


As an extension of your costume, Halloween nails will require a moment of your time in order to create the perfect look. This design may take a little longer to achieve than you originally wanted but you will love the results! Anytime one things of the theme Halloween, several images often spring to mind and the design on these nails reflect the images most people think of. A spooky cat, creepy looking crescent moon and the ghost all come together to complete a scene that screams Halloween! Mixed with the perfect colors to really set the scene, this idea is one that will be a very impressive addition to your costume.

Classic Halloween-themed Nail


For those that like to mix it up between traditional and modern, this Pumpkin Halloween nail design is a great choice. Requiring 4 different colors, your nails will come to life once finished! This idea could be combined with a costume, or it could be something that your outfit is designed around. Nail art like this design is a fun way to really partake in all of the usual Halloween festivities. This design is fairly simple and could be done both at home and in a salon. Anyone sporting the pumpkin nail art is sure to be the talk of the party.

Fun Halloween Nail Idea


For those that like the idea of a few different images at once, these simple Halloween nails is a brilliant choice! Sometimes it is next to impossible to choose one design, because there are3 probably as many design ideas as there are stars in the night sky; that makes combining images makes sense.

Some images are immediate “go-to”s, when it comes to Halloween. Many items come to mind when envisioning the Halloween holiday, like: skulls, pumpkins, spiders, haunted houses, spooky cornfields, full moons, bats, ghosts, hockey masks, spider webs, scary looking teeth or a number of other things deemed spooky/fun. This nail design gives you a larger “pallet” to use.

Halloween Nails with Bats


When it comes to creating the Halloween nails that are perfect for you, there will undoubtedly be many designs that spring to mind. Whether you prefer a design that is more traditional or you like the idea of creating something more modern, one component that will fit both bills is the bat. Bats are synonymous with Halloween. This design looks a little more “classy” than something that is a more quirky or fun idea.

Made of two colors, it is a look that could be achieved as a DIY job or one that you could have a professional tackle for you. The bats appear somewhat ominously but it is not a terribly frightening sight to behold.